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The Camp Roberts Utilities Modernization project involved large scale site utility work with road repair construction. The scope of work for this extensive $24 M project included 10 miles of new overhead power lines, 2.4 miles of underground duct bank, 4.6 miles of underground natural gas, 1.5 miles of underground storm drain, 10 miles of underground water piping, 7 miles of roadway paving, and upgrading of an electrical substation.

Construction was completed over a 2 year period. Utility shut downs and cutovers were accomplished with careful coordination with the base and electric generators when required. Safety challenges included traffic control, troop and pedestrian safety, trenching and confined spaces, and unknown underground conditions.

Camp Roberts Utility Modernization
Design Bid Build
National Guard Bureau
Camp Roberts

Design Bid Build

Camp Roberts Utility Modernization Modernization


Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. / Irvine Office


California Army Reserves National Guard (CA ARNG)

Type of Construction:

Heavy Civil Engineering Construction

Contract Value:

$24 million

CCASS Evaluation:


Cox Construction provided excellent overall services for the CA ARNG. On a relatively large ($11+MM) construction project, they worked together with the government team to limit and mitigate changes, complete the project ahead of schedule, and provide a finished project of exceptional quality. All aspects of the project were handled in a professional and business-like fashion. Cox was a significant contributor to the team-effort project concept and fostered an “all business/no drama” environment that thrived within their own team of crews and subcontractors, and carried over to their interactions with the government.

Colonel Robert K. O'Connor Chief, Programming, Planning & Construction/J7, California National Guard