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The project was located on the active National Guard training range at Camp Roberts Ca. The work included grading of a 26 acre site, heavy duty concrete paving, underground electrical and communication duct banks, compound fencing, cemetery with tombstones and a crypt, thirteen new training structures and three support facilities. The training buildings were one to three stories ranging from 1200 to 13,000 sq.ft. Including: a church, a police station with a basement and underground trainer tunnel, a three story hotel with a basement, a one story business, and one and two story resident buildings. The majority of the construction was reinforced concrete masonry walls, reinforced slabs on grade, and pre-cast hollow core concrete plank on intermediate floors, with concrete parapet roof and Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems. The support facilities were of similar construction and included and Operations Storage Facilities, a Covered Mess, and After Action Review/Range Facility.

Combined Arms Collective Training Facility
Design Bid Build
National Guard Bureau
Camp Roberts

Design Bid Build

Combined Arms Collective Training Facility Camp Roberts


SAIC Tulsa, Oklahoma


USPFO California Army National Guard

Type of Construction:


Contract Value:

$11.1 million

CCASS Evaluation:


Cox Construction provided excellent overall services for the CA ARNG. On a relatively large ($11+ MM) construction project they worked together with the government team to limit and mitigate changes, complete the project ahead of schedule, and provide a finished project of exceptional quality. All aspects of the project were handled in a professional and business-like fashion. Cox was a significant contributor to the team-effort project concept and fostered an "all business/no-drama" environment that thrived within their own team of crews and subcontractors, and carried over to their interactions with the government.

Colonel Robert K. O'Connor Chief, Programming, Planning & Construction/J7, California National Guard