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This LEED certified Gold level project is a stunning example of modern architecture. The project, located adjacent to Highway 905 near the Otay Mesa Border Crossing, replaces the former outdated San Ysidro DMV. The new facility includes a photovoltaic system that provides up to 10% of the building's power requirements. This project won two CMACN awards for outstanding masonry. One of the many interesting architectural features is an art wall on one of the freestanding concrete monoliths. The interior is open to the structure above, where a row of clerestory windows offer patrons views of airplanes taking off from nearby Brown Field. The main business area of the DMV is bright and open to the structure above. A large structural steel soffit, clad in perforated stainless steel, separates the DMV customer service personnel from the public. Large LCD monitors direct waiting customers to the open customer service windows. Floors are 2-inch thick brightly polished terrazzo. The project was initially planned as an LEED Silver certification, however, during construction the team was able to gain additional points to elevate it to receive LEED Gold certification.

San Ysidro DMV Facility
Design Bid Build
CA Department of Motor Vehicles
San Ysidro, CA

Design Bid Build

San Ysidro DMV Facility


RNT Architects , San Diego California


Department of Motor Vehicles, California

Type of Construction:


Contract Value:

$5.7 million

CCASS Evaluation:



2007 Concrete Masonry Merit Award-Public/Civic Design
2007 Concrete Masonry Honor Award-Sustainable Design